Monday, August 9, 2010

Carbon Fiber - Lamborghini Developed a New Research Center

Carbon fiber might be the future of automotive design and Lamborghini has created a Center of Advanced Composites Research in Italy, where the development of new production methods and design put into practice. This material has been used as a structural element of Lamborghini since 1980. Bat contains 205 pounds of carbon fiber or graphite shell. But carbon fiber can be used not only for the storage of cars and more powerful engine cover with another component of carbon fiber is used in engines Gallardo Spyder.

fiber carbon fiber, graphite, carbon or graphite is composed of fine fibers composed mainly of carbon atoms. These atoms are attached to the form of microscopic crystals that are parallel to the axis of the fiber. This makes the fiber very strong relative to its size. The material can be combined with a plastic resin and molded to form composite materials, an example is the carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Because the density of it is well below the density of steel, carbon fiber can be used in low weight is required. Due to the high tensile strength, low weight and low expansion when heated engineering, aerospace, civil and motorsport use this material in many applications. The disadvantage is that it is an expensive material compared to fiberglass or plastic.

Because of the interest in technologies that can reduce fuel consumption for cars, carbon fiber or graphite material is interesting because it can reduce the weight of a car. Reduction of body weight than smaller engines, which could reduce fuel consumption. There is a potential saving of 65% graphite fibers when the compounds are used instead of steel.

racing cars lightweight carbon fiber monocoque container today have a concept of skin stressed ways to reduce weight and manufacturing costs. For passenger cars, however, the production techniques that approach is too expensive for anything but niche cars. Here, the cost constraints are less stringent, since to make use of these materials unattractive.

McLaren made some hundreds of sports cars each year, and carbon graphite is used in the vehicle body. BMW uses carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, roof and rafters, along with other internal structures of the M6. GM has also begun to use the graphite fiber Corvette.

Daimler AG will develop carbon fiber auto parts in cooperation with Toray Industries, a textile manufacturer and Japanese car parts will be used in Mercedes-Benz from 2012. Mercedes Benz SL Class is the first car to use the graphite fiber composites. Toray is the world's largest manufacturer of carbon fiber, which is the first project to develop auto parts factory in the company in France.

The new processing method allows the molding of automotive platforms in 10 minutes. still means double the time required for graphite fiber sheet regularly and is ten times more expensive, but Toray new method can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

Carbon or graphite fiber has been used for some time in the aviation industry and may be able to afford a car that is made in a few years from now. Within a few years now.

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